Payments and Earnings

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How do I receive payments for appointments?

After successfully completing an appointment on Sanzu, payments are processed through the platform. Your earnings will be credited to your Sanzu wallet or directly to your chosen payment method. Navigate to the ‘Invoices’ page for a detailed transaction history.

What payment methods does Sanzu accept?

Sanzu supports major credit and debit cards for payments.

How do I generate an invoice for completed appointments?

Sanzu has an automated invoice generation system. After each completed session, an invoice is sent to the client on your behalf. You will also receive an invoice from Sanzu with a detailed breakdown, including costs and taxes. To download invoices, select the relevant appointment and click on ‘View Invoice’.

What is Sanzu’s refund policy for treaters?

At Sanzu, the cancellation policy is defined by the treaters. This means:

  • If a client cancels an appointment beyond the specified window set by the treater (e.g., more than 48 hours in advance), they are eligible for a full refund.

  • If a client cancels within the treater's set window (e.g., within 24 hours), the cancellation fee, as specified by the treater, will apply.

  • Treaters may also cancel appointments. If a treater cancels, the client will receive a full refund, irrespective of when the cancellation is made.

Funds corresponding to a session are held in escrow until the treater confirms the session's completion. Once confirmed, the funds are released to the treater's wallet for withdrawal.

Can I earn from promoting Sanzu?

Currently, Sanzu has a referral scheme in place. By referring colleagues and friends to Sanzu, treaters can enjoy rewards like free usage of Sanzu, among other benefits. Further details about this scheme can be found on our platform.

What happens when a payment fails?

Payments need to be successful for a booking to be confirmed. If there's an error during your withdrawal process, get in touch with Sanzu support at for a swift resolution.

How long does it take for me to receive the payment after an appointment?

Payment processing times can vary. While the first withdrawal can take between 7-10 days, subsequent withdrawals are typically processed within 1-3 business days.

Can I set up a direct deposit to my bank account?

Absolutely. Navigate to ‘Profile’, go to ‘Payment Method’, and add your bank details as instructed. Once verified, you can choose this as your preferred payment option.

How do I dispute a payment issue with a client?

In case of payment disputes, please reach out to Sanzu support. Provide all relevant details, and our team will facilitate a resolution between you and the client.

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