Registration and Account Setup

Modified on Thu, 05 Oct 2023 at 02:41 PM

How do I sign up for Sanzu?

Welcome to Sanzu! Here's how to get started:

  1. Visit the Sanzu website and download our app from your device's app store.

  2. Select the “Sign Up” option.

  3. Complete the on-screen instructions and provide the required information.

  4. Confirm your account via the email message we send. And you're ready to explore Sanzu!

How do I log in using facial recognition?

You can follow these steps for devices that support facial recognition:

  1. Open Sanzu.

  2. Go to 'Sign in’'.

  3. Use the 'Facial Recognition' icon.

  4. The app will request facial authentication. Ensure you're in good lighting for best results.

What if I forget my password?

No worries, here's the reset process:

  1. Click “Forgot Password?” on the login page.

  2. Enter your registered mobile number.

  3. We'll send you an OTP which you can use to set a new password.

  4. Log back in with your new credentials.

How can I change my email address or phone number linked with Sanzu?

To update your details:

  1. Log in to Sanzu.

  2. Go to 'Your Profile' and click on 'Edit Profile'.

  3. Edit email or phone number fields.

  4. Save to apply changes.

Can I have multiple accounts with the same email or phone number?

Each email or phone number can be linked to just one Sanzu account for security and consistency. For unique requirements, please contact our support at

Is my information safe on Sanzu?

Absolutely. Sanzu employs advanced encryption and data protection standards to ensure your information remains confidential and secure. 

How can I deactivate or delete my account?

To delete your account:

  1. Log into Sanzu.

  2. Navigate to your 'Profile' and  click on ‘Other Settings'.

  3. Select 'Delete' for permanent removal. Remember, deletion is irreversible.

In order to deactivate your account, please contact us. Sanzu support is always available for any concerns or feedback.

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